DIY Super Bowl Centerpieces

Hi everyone!  Welcome to my first DIY post of my blog!  Today, in honor of the Super Bowl, I’m going to share with you my super-easy, DIY centerpieces that are made mostly of things you can find at the Dollar Tree!  Hooray for cute, easy, and cheap decorations that make a big impact!
This was inspired by the iconic Vince Lombardi Trophy that is awarded to the Super Bowl’s winning team.  Fun fact:  Did you know that the trophy is sometimes referred to as the Tiffany Trophy?  Yes!  The trophy is made by Tiffany & Co, so it’s perfect that I be the one to share this tutorial with you! 🙂
(Photo credit – AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

I started off this project by heading to one of my favorite img_1263
places…The Dollar Tree!  I was making these for our Sunday school class, so I needed to decorate eight tables.  I found these vases that were about the same shape as the bottom of the trophy.  I couldn’t find clear ones, so I picked the lightest color they had, which turned out to be a yellowish green color.  I also found these squishy footballs in the toy section.  The proportions of the football to the base are a little off from the real thing, but hey, its pretty good for just spending two bucks!  Plus, I think people got the gist.
When I got all of my items home, I unwrapped all of the footballs and got my trusty hot glue gun out.  I put a pretty thick layer of hot glue all around the top rim of the vase and immediately stuck the football on top at about a forty-five degree angle.  As you can see, you want the bottom tip of the football to hang off the edge just a bit.  I held the football in place for a minute or so, squishing it down so it stuck.  If you wanted, you could use super glue here, but the hot glue held really well.

Once I finished all eight of these, I took them out to the img_3424garage for a coat of spray paint.  I used Rustoleum’s silver metallic spray paint that I found for less than four dollars at Walmart.  I also thought about using a mirror or “looking glass” spray paint, but the silver was cheaper so I went with that.  I gave them all one good coat on all sides, let that dry, and then went back and touched up.  You’ll definitely want to turn them upside down and spray paint the areas under the football that you didn’t get to the first time.  After they were sufficiently silver (maybe a good band name?), I let them sit in the garage to dry for twenty-four hours.

img_1466And that was about it!  I set them on a green table cloth and surrounded them with some yellow paper confetti.  We did some other decorations too that were inspired by Pinterest (what else?).  We have yet to find out who won the decorating contest, but I’ll update when we find out!  Either way, this was a super fun, easy, and cheap decoration that definitely makes an impact!  Let me know below if you try this out, or what fun DIY’s you did for your Super Bowl party!

Until next time!